Metropolitan Languages School, MLS

Metropolitan Language School MLS

The Metropolitan Languages School (MLS) trains professionals with high levels of communicative competence in both the mother language and the foreign language. It specializes in both third level and continuing education and in the training and upgrading of language teachers under principles of sustainability.

It is a reference center for third level and continuing education training and the improvement of language teachers in Ecuador, demonstrated by the excellence of its faculty and its alliance with international centers with experience in language teaching.

What does MLS offer?

MLS offers courses to UMET students, with the homologation of studies that is established in Chapter II of the Regulations of the Academic Regime of Ecuador, so that the courses that have been designed have a wide profile of graduation that allows the attendance of all those interested in learning the foreign languages that are taught in MLS.

The modality implemented is online, which allows a contextualization to the new international and national demands in the teaching of a second language, both in the times of personalized training by the students and in the teaching schedules.

It also offers national certifications and international certification exams TOEFL and PTE, both recognized by SENESCYT.

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“ To manage differently is to evolve. ”

To contribute with the formation of competitive professionals, leaders, bearers of solid convictions, ethical and moral values, providing tools that grant facilities for their labor competition.

República del Salvador E10-16 e  Irlanda, Esquina, Edificio Siglo XXI – Ofic. PH


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