1st International Congress of Education and Inclusion, Ecuador 2021, was successfully carried out. The event well thought-out by Fundación Metropolitana and intended to students, professionals, teachers, researchers and the general public inquired into topics such as: the right to education, inclusive education approach, the curriculum and teacher training, the review of experiences and practices of attention to diversity and inclusive education, among others, which have been allocated by professors and researchers extensive experience in each area mentioned.

The congress developed online through the Zoom videoconference service and transmitted live by the social networking Facebook, was inaugurated on September 8 by authorities from Fundación Metropolitana, Framingham State University, Universidad Metropolitana de Ecuador, Universidad Autónoma del Carmen de México, Consejo Nacional de Observatorios Ciudadanos del Ecuador, Universidad Autónoma del Estado Hidalgo México, Association for World Special Education headquartered in Spain, Universidad de Antioquia and Diverser Educational Research Centre, both from Colombia.

During the 2 days of the great event, 695 specialists, teachers, researchers, students and participants from 12 Latin American countries and the United States participated with in-depth and contextualized debates on 3 axes related to the right to education and the inclusive education approach, experiences and practices of attention to diversity and inclusive education; and teacher training for inclusive education. The Spanish speakers Xavier Bonal and Sergio Sánchez, Yólida Ramírez from Colombia, Neil Dueñas from Ecuador, Lázaro Nieto from Cuba and Marco Gamboa from Mexico were present. All of them with high academic scientific level in their papers.

The Final Forum of the Congress was attended by Carlos Xavier Espinoza Cordero, Chancellor of Universidad Metropolitana and Carlos Rubén Fernández, President of GOLU PR BRANCH, INC. Both specialists in the area in Ecuador and Spain respectively, and recognized voices in inclusive education debated the relationship to social action with disability, political commitment, the current international agenda on the subject and inclusion as a model to change educational practices in relation to diversity.

As part of the academic activities of the Congress, there was also a presentation and a special gift to all participants of the book «La Educación necesaria» by Orlando Terre Camacho, President of Association for World Special Education. It must be necessary to point out that the 71 presentations of the Congress make up a book of memoirs and have an ISBN from the international Publisher «Universo Sur» of Cienfuegos, Cuba.