The International Webinar «Certificación laboral en los Estados Unidos» has been successfully completed, an event organized by Centro de Educación Continua de la Fundación Metropolita and Red Metropolitana de participación Ciudadana. With the participation of Raúl Sebazco, Economist, Employment and Training Specialist for the Federal Labor Certification / PERM Program at the Department of Labor in Tallahassee, State of Florida. The webinar held between 5 th and 6th October had about 979 participants from Ecuador and Colombia; 410 of them were students from Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador.

The webinar strengthened into the bona fide/ good faith recruitment process by an Employer in North America and the different options to get a working visa.

Webinar «Certificación laboral en los Estados Unidos»05/10/2021 05:48:39 p. m.05/10/2021 07:48:38 p. m.595Zoom
Webinar «Certificación laboral en los Estados Unidos»06/10/2021 05:44:47 p. m.06/10/2021 07:21:31 p. m.384Zoom