Fundación Metropolitana, committed to its vision of improving the living conditions of historically vulnerable groups, develops activities in order to benefit these groups through educational projects and technical-professional training for greater equality. Moreover, it promotes the development and social inclusion of citizens through donation programs that meet diverse needs.


Red Metropolitana de Participación Ciudadana is a citizen platform that aims to increase the interest of citizens, communities and organizations in our country on the right of citizen participation. Our goal as a Network is to raise awareness about participation and inclusion so that everyone can develop a social voice that allows them to express their opinion, access the sphere of decision-making and build our social reality within the framework of participatory democracy.

Our Network also promotes the linking of university students for the exercise of social rights and their contribution to the community.


“Our vision is to become one of the main social meeting points in the province where self-sustainability is the main attraction. We want people to get in touch with nature, and in that way they feel it as their first home.”

“Our mission is to heal society and environment engaged with the environment wellness and a responsible and personalized tourism development.”

Programa de Educación y Cultura Digital – PEC

Este proyecto desarrolla un Programa de Educación y Cultura Digital – PEC, en aras de potenciar el conocimiento masivo acerca de diversas materias y procesos dentro de la educación superior y sus cursos de posgrado. La iniciativa deviene un espacio de intercambio y flujo de conocimientos científicos; académicos; temas de educación continua y preparación empresarial.

El Programa de Educación y Cultura Digital –PEC resulta en un centro de capacitación virtual donde la interactividad (uso de audios, videos, chat, etc.) fomentará las capacidades a través del mundo digital y permitirá una preparación integral con la utilización de Microlearning.

Se Valida aprendizajes de contenidos fragmentados que son parte integrante de una asignatura o una competencia y entrega un certificado de conocimientos cuyos resultados serán reconocidos como créditos dentro del sistema educativo (Certificación educativa UMET).


La carrera en Ing. en Sistemas en la Modalidad Dual está dirigida a Trabajadores, Ejecutivos y Técnicos de la Empresas TELCONET y sus aliados, partners, etc. La malla curricular cuenta con 51 asignaturas. Estas asignaturas se han clasificado como:

TEÓRICAS. – Son asignaturas de corte básico de la profesión, que pueden abordarse mediante la modalidad virtual y mediante plataforma LMS.

PRÁCTICA LABORAL. – Son asignaturas de corte profesional, de prácticas, y de titulación, las cuales se abordarán mediante la modalidad DUAL en el trabajo, que se desarrollan en la Empresa Telconet.

Independientemente, los estudiantes pueden obtener un grupo de Certificaciones Teóricas Virtuales, relacionadas con asignaturas teóricas de la carrera.

Together against Diabetes

The joint project of Fundación Metropolitana with FUVIDA Foundation “Learning to Live with Diabetes”, aims to support, educate and provide supplies to families where there is a child or young person with type 1 Diabetes.

In a first phase, it will begin with workshops for families to help them learn how to face this disease and as a second phase, to achieve the empowerment of families through the training of community leaders.

Other impact activity is the development of the “Dulces Amigos” Camp, in which specialized care is given to children and young people with type 1 Diabetes, prioritizing actions to prevent medical complications and conducting periodic examinations.

Parents and children develop in a relaxed and natural environment, under the strict care of health personnel, promoting healthy eating and physical activity as prevention of disease among people with the same condition.

Creating opportunities

Our project with the company ActivaMark, aims to develop 3D prosthesis to meet the needs of people with some level of physical disability.

Through the creation of prototypes in 3D images, a group of people is reached who for various reasons have an absence in their body parts, thus changing the lives of thousands of people affected by this type of problem, which in many cases represents a hindrance for social inclusion.

Also, we promote Educational Innovation through the digitization of academic processes, with an accompaniment in the training of faculty on these technologies, in addition to the technological support that is provided to the different pedagogical projects in which it intervenes.

Educational development

Fundación Metropolitana and Fundación Algoritmo work together to attract resources for the economic and social inclusion of priority care groups and populations living in poverty and vulnerability.

Thanks to our alliance, we seek to create training and education spaces to raise awareness and achieve early detection and care of neurodevelopmental disorders so that the inclusion process begins in the early stages of growth. Special education is a subject and field of study that needs greater attention and social awareness within our educational system and society.

Breaking frontiers

Fundación Metropolitana, through its sign language learning awareness and training project, seeks to increase the knowledge of citizens and professionals in the area of Education, Health and Justice for the social inclusion of people with hearing impairment.

When we think of inclusion, we think of unity; to know and understand that social diversity will lead us to be better people, citizens, teachers, colleagues, and professionals.

Through this project, we seek to promote inclusive language practices aimed at all types of individuals who require special knowledge for the correct care of these practices, and who, for various reasons, do not know or do not have the necessary resources.

Education for all

Since its creation in 2004, Fundación Metropolitana has encouraged thousands of young Ecuadorians to obtain a university degree through the granting of student scholarships that allow low-income people and historically vulnerable groups to achieve their university degree.

Today, Fundación Metropolitana promotes two scholarship programs in order to provide the best educational possibilities to the population:

1) Student scholarships and financial aid to support obtaining a university degree

In accordance with Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador, Fundación Metropolitana provides scholarships and financial aid that promote inclusion, access, permanence and completion of studies in higher education to students who lack the necessary resources, in addition to promoting inclusive educational policies , without discrimination of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or others.

2) Academic scholarships for continuing education and social programs

Through the Centro de Educación Continua de la Fundación Metropolitana, courses, certifications, conferences, educational programs are promoted that aim to specialize, update knowledge and acquire professional skills that allow students to improve their academic level, standard of living, social inclusion and development.

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