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This project develops a Program of Education and Digital Culture – PEC, in order to promote massive knowledge about various subjects and processes within higher education and its graduate courses. The initiative becomes a space for exchange and flow of scientific knowledge; academics; continuing education and business.

The Digital Education and Culture Program –PEC results in a virtual training center where interactivity (use of audios, videos, chat, etc.) will promote capacities through the digital world and allow a comprehensive preparation with the use of Microlearning.

Fragmented content learning that is an integral part of a subject or a competence is validated and a certificate of knowledge is delivered, the results of which will be recognized as credits within the educational system (UMET educational certification).

The career in Systems Engineering in Dual Modality is aimed at Workers, Executives and Technicians of TELCONET and their allies, partners, etc. The curriculum has 51 subjects. These subjects have been classified as:

THEORETICAL. – They are subjects of a basic nature of the profession, which can be addressed through the virtual modality and through the LMS platform.

LABORAL PRACTICE. – They are professional, internship, and degree subjects, which will be addressed through the DUAL modality at work, which are developed at the TELCONET Company.

Independently, students can obtain a group of Virtual Theoretical Certifications, related to theoretical subjects of the career.


“Our vision is to become one of the main social meeting points in the province in which self-sustainability is the main attraction. We seek that people connect with nature, their first home.”

“Our mission is to reconcile the environmental with the social, committing ourselves to the well-being of the environment and the development of responsible and personalized tourism.”

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“ To manage differently is to evolve. ”

To contribute with the formation of competitive professionals, leaders, bearers of solid convictions, ethical and moral values, providing tools that grant facilities for their labor competition.

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